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These are the terms and conditions which apply to makeup services by Angela Marshall Makeup Artistry ABN 34628113457. By accessing this website and making a booking you agree to the following Terms & Conditions. These may be subject to change without prior notice.


1. Bookings

1a.  Appointments are secured upon the receiving of a deposit and confirmation by Angela Marshall Makeup Artistry. Clients will receive a confirmation via email and SMS. Please ensure all contact details are correct upon booking. 

1b.  Group event bookings require a minimum of 3 weeks notice.

1c.  Bookings earlier than 9:00 am will incur an early call out fee (in studio and for travel services). 

1d. Clients are to attend appointments alone and without bringing extras, unless receiving services. Any additional people will be asked to leave for the duration of the appointment. In the instance of a multiple person booking, clients may attend the appointment together upon agreement with Angela prior to the day. 

1e. Clients are required to be transparent about any illness or any infectious conditions ie: Eye stye, conjunctivitis, mouth herpes AKA cold sore, bacterial skin conditions. These conditions can be contagious. Angela Marshall Makeup Artistry will not risk infection or contamination and will be unable to proceed with the service if presented with any of these conditions.

1f. Phone use during appointments is discouraged, and for emergency use only or for showing inspiration photos. Please refrain from using your phone and taking calls during your appointment. 

1g. Clients are required to insert eye contact lenses PRIOR to makeup application. It is strongly advised not to insert them after makeup application. Alternatively, clients are to be aware if they are wearing eye glasses that makeup is not expected to stay in-tact in these areas. The use of glasses over makeup will result in the products transferring from these areas.

2. Payment

2a.  All standard event bookings require a one-off, non-refundable and non-transferable $50.00 deposit to secure. 

2b.  1:1 Makeup lessons require a $100.00  non-refundable deposit to secure.

2c.  Remaining payments for services can be paid prior to or on the day of the appointment, via cash or EFTPOS. 

2d.  Larger groups require a non-refundable 20% deposit to secure the booking. Full payment is required no later than one week before the date of the event. Failure to make the final payment may result in the cancellation of your appointment.

2e. Deposits cannot be transferred to another appointment, as they confirm that particular appointment slot.

2g. If a service that has been quoted and or invoiced is postponed for longer than 12 months, it will be considered void and a new quote will be issued.

3. Cancellations - EVENTS

3a.  As all deposits are non-refundable, no refunds for cancellations will be given. However, upon our discretion, we may provide a refund due to certain circumstances.

3b.  Appointments may be cancelled by the business due to unforeseen circumstances. This will be avoided where possible. If a cancellation happens, clients will be notified and refunded the amount they paid.

3c.  If a client is feeling unwell they are expected to cancel their appointment (this applies for all sickness and isn't limited to COVID-19 only). Additionally if a client arrives to an appointment unwell, they will be asked to leave without a refund of their deposit.

3d. If a client arrives 15 minutes late to their appointment, the appointment will be cancelled and a refund will not be issued.


4a. If a wedding is cancelled due to change of mind, the deposit will be forfeited. The deposit may be transferred to a new date in the case of a reschedule, if communicated within 6 months (the new date does not need to be within this 6 month period). 

COVID-19 Weddings*

4b. If a wedding is cancelled or rescheduled due to COVID-19, a minimum of 2 weeks notice must be given. 

4c. Deposits are non-refundable, however the deposit can be used as a credit to any future appointment based upon availability. COVID-19 credits (from wedding bookings or standard event bookings) have a 12-month expiry from the date of the original booking.

4d. If a wedding client cancels due to COVID-19 any amount paid after the deposit is made will be refunded. Again, all deposits are non-refundable. 

4e. Furthermore, if a service that has been quoted and or invoiced is postponed for longer than 12 months, it will be considered void and a new quote and invoice will be issued. Price increase may occur. 

*Please note - the pandemic has made it very difficult for businesses. Angela Marshall Makeup Artistry has tried to be as lenient as possible when it comes to deposits and bookings regarding the pandemic. 

5. Information/Advice

5a.  All advice during individual or group services is general in nature and should not replace independent or personal advice.

5b.  All information and advice given during a 1:1 makeup lesson is general to each individual lesson. Under no circumstance will Angela Marshall Makeup Artistry be held liable for use of information after a 1:1 makeup lesson.

6. Travel

6a.  A travel fee is applicable if an appointment requires travelling to a location, within and outside the ACT. 

6b.  Travel for a booking can be organised for a minimum of 4 (four) people. Bookings for less than 4 people will be held in studio in Harrison ACT. 

7. Allergies/Infections

7a.  Angela Marshall Makeup Artistry requires information regarding client allergies, infections, skin irritation etc before the undertaking of an appointment. Under no circumstance will Angela Marshall Makeup Artistry be liable for incidental, or consequential damages however characterised.

7b.  Angela Marshall Makeup Artistry reserves the right to cancel or reschedule an appointment if it is considered to be a health hazard to the worker(s), clients or the public.

8. Media

8a.  Angela Marshall Makeup Artistry uses photographs, filming and recording during appointments for website, social media and marketing use. By agreeing to the terms and conditions, you consent to the use of this media. Please kindly email if you wish for media to be removed.

8b.  Content and material on this website are owned or licensed by Angela Marshall Makeup Artistry, reproduction of contents and materials is prohibited and subject to copyright laws.

Last updated: March 2023.

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